Sonia Bonfiglioli receives a prestigious award from CIRP
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Sonia Bonfiglioli receives a prestigious award from CIRP

On the 19th August 2013, Sonia Bonfiglioli received the prestigious “General Pierre Nicolau” award from CIRP, the International Academy for Production Engineering.

The award was presented at a ceremony in Copenhagen held during the CIRP world conference. In his presentation speech, the CIRP representative pointed out that Sonia Bonfiglioli is the first Italian woman to receive it.

Cited as motive for the award was the Bonfiglioli Group’s capacity for advanced research in the field of industrial engineering and its ability to develop internationally appreciated solutions for many different areas of industry, from mobile machinery to industrial automation, photovoltaics and wind.

Bonfiglioli products are developed and manufactured using the latest and most innovative procedures. They also offer extensive opportunities for customisation, often as the result of continuous research by Bonfiglioli's own R&D departments into the specific needs of individual customers. In fact, the synergy and osmosis that exists between Bonfiglioli and its customers is one of the company’s key strengths. The CIRP award ceremony recognised this by referring directly to how Bonfiglioli’s capacity for innovation has permitted the group to become a major global player over the years.

The award also confirms the Bonfiglioli Group’s commitment to technical education, which has seen Sonia Bonfiglioli becoming a welcome interlocutor for many Italian universities interested in bringing their courses into line with the real needs of the labour market, especially in the field of mechatronic research.