North & Central American Distribution Meeting 2013
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North & Central American Distribution Meeting 2013

The third in a series of four distribution meetings was held on the 8th October in the offices of our USA subsidiary in Cincinnati, Ohio. The first meeting in the series was held at our Singapore subsidiary on the 16th May earlier this year. The second meeting took place in Venice on the 19th September while the fourth and last was held on the 10th October in our Brazilian subsidiary in São Paulo.

Efficient distribution is extremely important for Bonfiglioli and we dedicate a great deal of attention to our international partners for this very reason.

The meeting in Cincinnati provided an important opportunity to debate commercial and logistic questions and to share strategic information on the reorganisation we hope will improve our efficiency in specific market areas, our development of new solutions for various applications, the importance of excellence in pre-sales and after-sales service, and the need for effective quality certification in all Bonfiglioli production plant.

One of the main objectives of the meeting was to keep open the communication lines between headquarters and the distribution network in order to satisfy the needs of the market and serve customers to the best of our ability.