Bonfiglioli joins the HDPV Alliance
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Bonfiglioli joins the HDPV Alliance

HDPV Alliance, an industry initiative aimed at reducing photovoltaic  Balance of System (BOS) costs while increasing energy production from PV plants, today announced that Bonfiglioli Vectron GmbH, Bonfiglioli’s center of excellence in Germany that designs and manufactures highly innovative inverter solutions for PV applications,  has joined the alliance as a member of the steering committee. The HDPV Alliance uses defined standards, tested compatibility and shared best practices to enable members across the PV value chain to deliver products and services that optimize PV systems using a distributed power conversion (DPC) design. HDPV-compliant systems lower total system costs while increasing performance.

Bonfiglioli’s goal to design and manufacture innovative and reliable power solutions for the renewable energy sector is directly in line with the objectives of the HDPV Alliance,’ said Robert Lenke, Head of Product Management of Bonfiglioli’s Renewables Business Unit. “We are pleased to join the alliance to further its mission and look forward to working with fellow members and our mutual customers to shape standards that move our industry toward lower cost and higher performance PV systems.

As part of its membership in HDPV, Bonfiglioli will release in the first quarter of 2014 its own line of HDPV-compliant inverters that are optimized to be deployed with DC power converters (optimizers) in a PV array.

HDPV-compliant inverters deliver up to twice the power at a higher efficiency than the same inverter operating in a normal mode. Doubling the rated power is equivalent to cutting cost in cents per watt (¢/W) in half. With HDPV inverters, systems also have more PV modules in a series string to save up to fifty percent on DC BOS costs. The HDPV label identifies products and services as compatible with Alliance standards, and gives an edge to members who have a more cost-effective solution that provides superior ROI.

The HDPV Alliance was created in response to increasing pressure in the PV industry to drive down system costs,” said HDPV Alliance Chair Mark Kanjorski. “We are thrilled that Bonfiglioli has joined HDPV leadership in lowering the cost of PV energy using our open standards for distributed power conversion system designs.  It underscores Bonfiglioli’s long standing commitment to deliver the highest value possible to customers.