Art, work and Bonfiglioli in Forlì
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Art, work and Bonfiglioli in Forlì

Forlì’s 20th Century Art Collection saw a new home inaugurated on the 22nd December 2013 in the prestigious Palazzo Romagnoli. 

This wonderful location now hosts the Verzocchi Collection, a series of works commissioned by the entrepreneur Giuseppe Verzocchi focusing on the theme of labour as seen by the protagonists of Italian art in the 20th century, including figures like De Chirico, Sironi, Balla, Campigli and Guttuso. Verzocchi personally commissioned all these artists to produce a work inspired by their own visions of labour. 

The result is simply extraordinary: a series of works by all the leading Italian painters of the period has been brought together under the superb frescoed ceilings of Palazzo Romagnoli. Letters exchanged between Verzocchi and the artists are also on display and are extremely interesting for their historical content. 

Bonfiglioli is the largest employer in the Forlì area, and collaborates closely with the town’s authorities on matters of training, social improvement and culture. Palazzo Romagnoli’s audio guides for visitors, which provide fascinating information about the “treasures” on display, have all been provided by Bonfiglioli. This continuing process of osmosis between company and community is typical of Bonfiglioli’s commitment to serving as a driving force not only for Forlì’s economy but also for social responsibility and the construction of a better future for all local people.